2017, 72min



A collection of twelve pieces centered around nights and the multitude of their nature. At the same time familiar and mysterious, comforting and disquieting, passionate and uncaring, hopeful and despairing. A fountain of affection, warmth and lust - and of worry, anguish and fear. Pleasant cradles and obscure creatures, nights are explored in all of their facets in an hour-long set conceived to bring us closer to hidden depths of our human emotions. 

Released: 15 AUGUST 2017
Running time: 72MIN



2016, 23min



A composition for piano and looping station in three movements, a contemplation on a single repeated note, a meditation to all lost souls, minds and hearts.

Released: 15 DECEMBER 2016
Running time: 24min



2016, 52min



A formal study of mathematical processes and their employment into procedural musical narratives. A ‘sequence’ is used in this collection two ways: in determining the instrumentation of the singular compositions (the first piece scored for one piano, second piece for two and so on) and in determining the unfolding of the musical processes in place, by dictating note-to-note relationships of the layers. The collection employs an auto-looping station.

Released: 4 AUGUST 2016
Running time: 52min



2015, 42min



Images is the setting to music of an eight-line poem, with each composition (each ‘image’) portraying the corresponding line. As in the poem, the collection depicts a story of separation and loss, of new beginnings and hope.The set then brings the listener through eight self-contained musical micro-worlds, through soft-spoken delicate textures in realms of joy and mourning, bliss and sorrow, buoyancy and despair.

Released: 21 DECEMBER 2015
Running time: 45min



2014, 20min



A three-part series on the study of repetitive musical structures. Looping and multi-tracking are used both as a mean and as an end to itself - as a creative technique and as the focal point of compositional discourse. Each installment is of increasing complexity and employs a multitude of pianos, violins and voices to construct musical narratives based on repetitive structures. 

Released: October 2014
Running time: 18min



2014, 24min



A set of nine pieces presented in 2014 as part of a solo recital whose program encompassed three iconic romantic composers and their selected works for piano. A 24min original collection, it was performed as an open homage to Schubert, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Released: 22 June 2014
Running time: 24min



2013, 18min



Six studies from two separate collections (Concert Etudes from 2011 and Transcendental Etudes from 2013) presented at different concerts during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 concert seasons. 

Released: December 2013
Running time: 18min


early works

2011, 45min



A varied collection of early works composed in 2011 and earlier. A colorful and diverse series, 'early works' (originally named 'compositions for solo piano') stands as the record that jump-started Alfonso’s journey into music making.

Released: August 2011
Running time: 45min