Preludi: The Chopin Project. Complete scores for Solo Piano (9 pieces)

Preludi: The Chopin Project. Complete scores for Solo Piano (9 pieces)


9 pieces, 24min, 2014. (25 pages, PDF. Digital Edition.)

The works of Frederic Chopin maintain a very special place in the realm of pi- ano literature and, generally speaking, in the world of piano pedagogy. It may be inferred that his pieces mark a ritual of passage of almost every pianist-to-be trained in the western classical tradition.

Chopin’s works have deeply in uenced my early practice as a composer. Since I have extensively immersed myself in his repertoire, my very rst creations sub- stantially resembled his style.

The following body of works was created as an open homage to his work, in u- ence and legacy. His style was thus openly and ponderously imitated, yet without making use of any of his published musical ideas - all works were created anew. My aim has been to express his way of writing with a contemporary and personal perspective: I have attempted, that is, to follow my voice in equal parts as I have attempted to follow his. Principal points of convergence stand to be ragarding form and overall melodic aim; main point of divergence in parts of the harmonic language I have employed.

The works are intended to be performed as a collection, lasting approximately 25 minutes: nonetheless each composition stands in its own right and can be played separately. This revised edition contains a small number of improvements and modi cations from the original version published as a recording in 2014.

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