Jazz Etudes. Complete Scores for Solo Piano (7 pieces)

Jazz Etudes. Complete Scores for Solo Piano (7 pieces)


Seven pieces, 21min, 2011-2013. (28 pages, PDF. Digital Edition. )

These seven etudes have been written between 2011 and 2013 with the aim of merging the classical form of the Etude with the jazz idiom. They have been writ- ten disjointly on different occasions and to different ends (recording projects and concerts): as a whole they represent a good snapshot of some of my best work of those years.

Each etude is focused on a single technical aspect of piano playing: such demands are purposefully pushed to a very high extent but have been thoroughly adapted to always be ergonomically feasible, given a good degree of application.

As a collection they are here presented from the most recent (Chasing) to the oldest (Fantasia): the technical demands and the complexity of the harmonic language of the pieces can thus be noticed to be of decreasing intensity.

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