Nachtmusik. Complete Scores for Solo Piano (12 pieces)

Nachtmusik. Complete Scores for Solo Piano (12 pieces)


12 pieces, 72 minutes. 67 pages, PDF format (Digital Edition)

A collection of twelve pieces centered around the figure of ‘the night’ and its multifaceted nature. At once familiar and mysterious, comforting and disquieting, passionate and uncaring, hopeful and despairing. A pleasant cradle and an obscure creature, the night is explored in all of its features in a 70-minutes long set conceived to bring us closer to the depths of our human emotions. This collection marks a return to solo piano after the formal research and study on minimal processes established in the preceding three albums.

In Nachtmusik the night is explored wholly in its inherent poetic characterization (In Quietude, Clockwork, Dawn), to its relationships to the the human dimension with regards to our interconnectedness (Stay, You), to emotions of want (Longing) and despair (Falling), of helplessness (In Vain, In Perpetuity) and care (Softly), of urgency and worry (Breathless, Haste). Overall, each piece intends to be a self-contained meditation on the described subject. Nonetheless, in whichever form you shall perform them, it is my hope that they will bring joy to your days and, especially, your nights.

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