Award-winning, daring and heartfelt,  Alfonso's work has found its place into the world for its genre-defying approach to music-making. Classically trained from elite institutions in classical composition and piano performance, Alfonso is a polymath artist wearing many hats - as a composer first and foremost, but as a concert pianist and producer as well - whose prolific opus is marked by heartbroken melodicism and influences from minimalist and neo-romantic movements. 

Since 2011 he has been releasing a lengthy string of solo records, aiming to push the boundaries of the expressive and technical possibilities of the piano - repertoire that has has performed in the US and Europe. Other engagements  have seen him involved in writing concert music for chamber, orchestra and choir settings. Collaborations and performances include Bleep Blop electro-acoustic ensemble, Tenuto Chamber singers, SOC Chamber Orchestra, William Jewell College Choir, Dr. Ramon Castillo - as well as small-scale productions with film makers and dance artists.

Alfonso has been granted academic awards for excellence in composition. He obtained an early diploma in classical piano performance from the conservatory of Novara, holds summa-cum-laude bachelors in classical composition and in music technology from Berklee College of Music and an honor Master's degree in Composition from New England Conservatory - where he studied under the tutelage of prof. Robert Cogan (Nadia Boulanger, Roger Session, Milton Babbit). Alfonso also holds honor degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.